We apologize for the inconvenience... but we have made some improvement! (updated 1/21/2012)

If you currently have, or recently obtained a SIAM login and your username and password combination are not working, you should now return to the the page where you obtained your credentials ( ) and login and update your password.  Then please wait for up to 5 minutes and your updated account information will be automatically synchronized to the Travel Awards system and you should be able to login.  If you are new to our system and you create a new account, you should also wait for approximately 5 minutes and your new account will be available in the Travel Awards system.

We hope to fully synchronize all accounts over the weekend so that existing accounts will not require you to update your password.  We will update this site when we make progress with our synchronization efforts.

As before, if you continue to have problems, please send an email to with a subject line of “Login problem for conference”; where “conference” is the name of the conference.

For example:   “Login problems for AN12.” 

Please make sure you have obtained or a SIAM login and password (go to: ) or have tried to reset your existing password (as described above) before sending the email and please include your login name (not your password) in the body of the email message.

Again, rest assured that if you have contacted us prior to the deadline we will consider your application to have met the deadline.  However, you will still need to provide all required information once your login has been enabled.

 We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience while we are making these updates. We expect to have a permanent and complete solution in place soon.

 Thanks you.